Thursday, January 05, 2012

Web Development for the fun of it

Right now I'm co-leading Product Design for IBM BPM. That means I create all the detailed specs for how a product feature is going to work, but I don't get the luxury of building it myself. An army of software engineers does that part.

Although I don't get to write production code these days, I still like to do prototypes to prove the feasibility of my ideas. This has opened my eyes to an array of incredible new libraries for web developers.

Bourbon makes it reeeeally easy to write modern CSS3, hiding all the convoluted vendor-specific repetitive ugliness from you. It's built on sass, whose mission was basically to fix CSS's stuttering problem. Finally, writing CSS is actually fun again!

"But Jeoff, what about IE, I thought it can't do CSS3?" No problem, even Internet Elephant (IE) can be made to dance with CSS3 gradients, rounded corners, and shadows: it's as easy as PIE! Also, check out flexie, which brings the CSS3 flexible box model to IE and other browsers. Create some layouts using flexbox and style some stuff using CSS3 fx and you'll never go back again. I guarantee it.

Now that you're ready to write some CSS3, check out what's possible!

p.s. Yes, I'm still using jquery. I agree with the SproutCore folks that jQuery has become the standard library of the web.