Tuesday, May 01, 2012

IBM BPM V8 brings new Coach designer and live collaboration

I led the design for IBM BPM 8.0. We demonstrated it live to an audience of about 8,000 people at IBM's Impact 2012 conference. On seeing the demo, Bruce Silver wrote:

"More impressive to me is the new task UI (“Coach”) designer, which features reusable composite controls that dramatically simplify authoring of complex task user interfaces without so much javascript and css code. For example, a data entry and a graph control can both point to the same data and communicate with each other automatically without scripting.  IBM has also carried forward real-time collaborative editing from Blueworks Live into the Coach designer.  Very cool."

Lots of interesting examples are starting to land on the BPM Community Samples site. Start with Coach Bonus toolkit (link requires registration) which includes the live data examples Bruce was writing about.

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Mark Filley said...

The Coach Bonus toolkit has moved to the new bpm/dev site here on jazz.hub